Sherry Smothermon-Short, Founder and Owner of Painless Blog Analytics

Sherry Smothermon-Short is a multi-passionate entrepreneur with more than ten years experience in the online space. She is a blogger, course creator, consultant, and Etsy shop owner.

She owns and runs three blogs–Cub Scout Ideas, Painless Blog Analytics, and The Facts Vault. Her decade of blogging has taught her how to use data to grow and improve her blog. She loves sharing what she learned with other content creators by providing information, resources, training, and services.

Sherry has recently taken ownership of the Printables & More Club, a very successful membership designed to helping content creators grow their online income through various avenues including blog content, email marketing, and shop ownership.

Sherry and her husband, Scott, have two sons–Parker who is a junior at Winthrop University and Grant who is a high school senior. They live in Nashville, TN. In her spare time, Sherry loves to read or watch mysteries.


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