Dan Rondeau, Strategic Graphic Designer

Dan Rondeau, the owner of DJR Designs, is a strategic graphic designer who impacts coaches, speakers, and course creators. With the ability to transform existing designs into compelling visuals, Dan helps make these designs resonate, engage, and start conversions with their target audience. DJR Designs implements a unique “co-creation process” by assessing how each design asset aligns with your target audience’s aspirations and emotions. The result? Designs that not only captivate the eye but also tug at the heartstrings, stop the scroll, and drive conversions. Dan’s message is that it isn’t solely about the graphics; it is about crafting the experiences that create deeper connections with your ideal audience. The creative force behind coaches, speakers, and course creators’ successes are their stories and visions. Dan’s insights and expertise in working with these industries allow him to bring the visuals needed to life and provide their audience with impactful design.


Influential Strategies: How Design Impacts Your Conversions for Quality Content