The Art of the Pitch: How to Land Your First Travel Sponsorship

About the Session:

Daniella Schoeman, founder of Wildly Successful Travelpreneurs, shares her experience and tips on how to land your first travel sponsorship as a blogger.

Main takeaways:
– Follower count and engagement rates are not the most important factors when pitching to brands; focus on the quality of your content.
– There are three approaches to working with travel brands: providing a service, offering exposure, or combining both.
– Avoid common pitching mistakes such as lengthy pitches, negotiating too soon, focusing solely on yourself, and attaching a media kit.
– Craft a successful pitch by including a captivating subject line, personalized greeting, concise introduction, outlining the benefits of a partnership, clear call to action, and professional closing.
– Start local to increase your chances of landing sponsorships and use the Craft Your Own Pitch Template workbook for personalized pitch templates.