Blogging & AI Panel

About the Session:

AI isn’t going away, this panel will cover when and how to use it to your advantage as a blogger. We’ll cover best practices, tools, different kinds of AI and more.
  • Kelsey Silver, Operations Strategist at the NeuroSpicy CEO

    Neurodivergent people are 3x more likely to become entrepreneurs, but most of the biz advice out there is structured for a neurotypical brain. With her decade of experience as a licensed therapist, corporate consultant, and MIT trained analyst, Kelsey is on a mission to support neurodivergent entrepreneurs in scaling their business, even on low spoons days, with strategies that work with their brain, not against it. Through her company, The Neurospicy CEO, Kelsey shares simple strategies to help neurodivergent entrepreneurs achieve success by embracing a business strategy that honors their neurodivergence and bankrolls their life.

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  • Liz Stapleton, Host of the Blogger Breakthrough Summit

    Liz Stapleton is a blogger, lawyer, and most importantly someone who loves making your life easier with action-oriented content and trainings. An attorney since 2012, and a blogger since 2014, she is the founder and voice behind Less Debt, More Wine – a personal finance site, where she helps readers understand the legal side of blogging, and founder of the Blogger Breakthrough Summit, an annual virtual summit designed to help bloggers take back their time and start hitting their goals.

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  • Nina Clapperton

    Nina Clapperton is a multi-6 figure travel blogger and the founder of She Knows SEO. After sharing her stories of living in over 12 countries in 10 years on all platforms and making $0, she learned SEO and scaled her blog to 50k sessions in 6 months. Within 13 months, she was making $30k/mo passively. She started using AI in 2021 and has been writing posts, creating courses, and even coding plugins with it every since. Now Nina runs a portfolio of niche sites and helps over 3,500 students grow their blogs. She’s on a mission to help bloggers achieve financial freedom via passive income from their hobby blogs.

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